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Properly written Java programs have the ability to run on multiple platforms, whether it be Unix systems such as Linux, Windows systems and even Macintosh systems.

We have experience developing Java programs for use in a cross-platform environment.

One exciting project is described at this website.

This project had some unique requirements.

  • Cross platform (Windows, Mac and Unix).
  • 100's of Megs of data resides on CD-ROM.
  • Modern GUI interface.
  • Low development cost.
  • Ongoing enhancement of features.
  • Encrypted data to protect the intellectual property of the database.

The program gives the user an interface similar to a Web browser. The upcoming version includes a Back button and the ability to click on various elements of the displayed data to transfer to another display of related data.

Java is becoming fast enough that this is completely a feasable way to have a CD-ROM information-lookup based program.

Go to this page for a cute Java applet we created.