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A command line program to see your keyboard keypresses as other Unix/Linux applications see them. This is particularily useful for setting up terminfo/termcap files in applications that don't use the system version of those facilities.

For example, here is the output from the program within an XTerm under Linux.

Press ~ three times to exit
Dec=84     Oct=124    Hex=54    ASCII=T
Dec=101    Oct=145    Hex=65    ASCII=e
Dec=115    Oct=163    Hex=73    ASCII=s
Dec=116    Oct=164    Hex=74    ASCII=t
Dec=27     Oct=033    Hex=1b    ASCII=^[  ESC
Dec=79     Oct=117    Hex=4f    ASCII=O
Dec=80     Oct=120    Hex=50    ASCII=P
Dec=13     Oct=015    Hex=0d    ASCII=^M  CR 
Dec=126    Oct=176    Hex=7e    ASCII=~
Dec=126    Oct=176    Hex=7e    ASCII=~
Dec=126    Oct=176    Hex=7e    ASCII=~

This was the word "Test" typed followed by the F1 key, the Enter key and then three ~ to exit. This shows that the F1 key sends Escape followed by OP.

Download the source code. To compile, just do make keys. There is no Makefile.

Download a pre-compiled binary for i386 Linux with glibc.

Please send feedback to pdavis@lpccomp.bc.ca